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Eye Tracking Methodology: Theory and Practice
by Duchowski, Andrew T.

Cover Price: $54.95
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ISBN-10: 1852336668
ISBN-13: 9781852336660
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Published February 2003; Paperback; 251 pages
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Our Comments:
Please See ISBN 1846286085 for 2nd Edition


Despite the availability of cheap, fast, accurate and usable eye trackers, there is little information available on how to develop, implement and use these systems. This book aims to fill that gap in the market by providing an accessible introduction for practitioners and students. The first part of the book covers useful background information, including an introduction to the human visual system and key issues in visual perception and eye movement. The second part surveys eye-tracking devices and gives a detailed introduction to the technical requirements for installing a system and developing an application program. It focuses on video-based, corneal-reflection eye trackers - the most widely available and affordable type of system. The final part looks at a number of interesting and challenging applications in areas such as Human Factors, Collaborative Systems, Virtual Reality, Marketing and Advertising. Eye Tracking Methodology: Theory and Practice will be an invaluable guide for practitioners responsible for developing or implementing an eye tracking system. It will also be an invaluable teaching text for relevant modules on advanced undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as Computer Vision, Cognition, HCI and Usability.

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