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Building Really Annoying Web Sites
by Miller, Michael

Cover Price: $24.99
Online Price: $13.74
You save $11.25 (45%)


ISBN-10: 0764548743
ISBN-13: 9780764548741
Publisher: Hungry Minds
Published September 2001; Paperback; 283 pages
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Related categories:
All Sections > Web Design / Development > General Web Design

This is a tongue-in-cheek, hands-on guide to all those annoying effectsyou've seen on other sites, and secretly wanted on your own pages.

Building Really Annoying Web Sites is a subversive new book that will teachyou the long sought-after secrets of how to add all sorts of trulyirritating effects to your own personal Web pages. You can make all themenus and buttons in a browser window disappear - change a cursor's shape,without the user's permission, create impossible-to-close pop-up windows.Other fun features include adding aggravating Flash animations and movies,trap users in framed pages if they try to link off your page, and more.Each annoying effect is followed by a section explaining why it would bewrong to add that effect to a Web page, and suggesting a more appropriateapproach that well-intentioned users can take, if they so desire. IncludesCD-ROM.

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