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Effective awk Programming, 3rd Edition
by Robbins, Arnold

Cover Price: $44.99
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ISBN-10: 0596000707
ISBN-13: 9780596000707
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
Published June 2001; Paperback; 421 pages
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All Sections > Operating Systems > UNIX > UNIX Programming

Effective awk Programming delivers complete coverage of the awk 3.1 language and the most up-to-date coverage of the POSIX standard for awk available anywhere. Author Arnold Robbins clearly distinguishes standard awk features from GNU awk (gawk)-specific features, shines light into many of the "dark corners" of the language and devotes two full chapters to example programs. This book is the official "User's Guide" for the GNU implementation of awk.

Table of Contents:
I.The awk Language and gawk1
1.Getting Started with awk3
How to Run awk Programs4
Datafiles for the Examples10
Some Simple Examples11
An Example with Two Rules13
A More Complex Example14
awk Statements Versus Lines15
Other Features of AWK17
When to Use AWK17
2.Regular Expressions19
How to Use Regular Expressions19
Escape Sequences21
Regular Expression Operators23
Using Character Lists26
gawk-Specific Regexp Operators28
Case Sensitivity in Matching29
How Much Text Matches?31
Using Dynamic Regexps31
3.Reading Input Files33
How Input Is Split into Records33
Examining Fields36
Non-constant Field Numbers38
Changing the Contents of a Field39
Specifying How Fields Are Separated41
Reading Fixed-Width Data46
Multiple-Line Records48
Explicit Input with getline51
4.Printing Output58
The print Statement58
Examples of print Statements59
Output Separators60
Controlling Numeric Output with print61
Using printf Statements for Fancier Printing62
Redirecting Output of print and printf68
Special Filenames in gawk70
Closing Input and Output Redirections74
Constant Expressions79
Using Regular Expression Constants81
Conversion of Strings and Numbers84
Arithmetic Operators85
String Concatenation87
Assignment Expressions88
Increment and Decrement Operators92
True and False in awk93
Variable Typing and Comparison Expressions94
Boolean Expressions97
Conditional Expressions99
Function Calls99
Operator Precedence (How Operators Nest)101
6.Patterns, Actions, and Variables103
Pattern Elements103
Using Shell Variables in Programs109
Control Statements in Actions111
Built-in Variables120
7.Arrays in AWK129
Introduction to Arrays130
Referring to an Array Element132
Assigning Array Elements133
Basic Array Example133
Scanning All Elements of an Array134
The delete Statement135
Using Numbers to Subscript Arrays136
Using Uninitialized Variables as Subscripts137
Multidimensional Arrays138
Scanning Multidimensional Arrays139
Sorting Array Values and Indices with gawk140
Built-in Functions142
User-Defined Functions166
9.Internationalization with GAWK174
Internationalization and Localization174
GNU gettext175
Internationalizing awk Programs177
Translating AWK Programs179
A Simple Internationalization Example182
GAWK Can Speak Your Language183
10.Advanced Features of gawk185
Allowing Nondecimal Input Data185
Two-Way Communications with Another Process186
Using gawk for Network Programming188
Using gawk with BSD Portals189
Profiling Your AWK Programs190
11.Running awk and GAWK194
Invoking AWK194
Command-Line Options195
Other Command-Line Arguments200
The AWKPATH Environment Variable201
Obsolete Options and/or Features202
Known Bugs in GAWK203
II.Using awk and GAWK205
12.A Library of awk Functions207
Naming Library Function Global Variables208
General Programming210
Datafile Management218
Processing Command-Line Options222
Reading the User Database228
Reading the Group Database232
13.Practical awk Programs237
Running the Example Programs237
Reinventing Wheels for Fun and Profit238
A Grab Bag of awk Programs259
14.Internetworking with GAWK281
Networking with GAWK281
Some Applications and Techniques305
Related Links323
A.The Evolution of the AWK Language327
B.Installing GAWK337
C.Implementation Notes350
D.Basic Programming Concepts367
E.GNU General Public License374
F.GNU Free Documentation License382

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